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Lupin III. Possibly a gemini. Long walks into your vault. If it feels good, tastes good, it must be mine.

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Dec. 14th, 2023 11:07 pm
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"While you're on hold, I'm probably out stealing what you cherish most. Leave a message after the beep."


Dec. 15th, 2015 10:05 pm
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▷ Basics
▶ Name: Arsene Lupin III (ルパン三世 Rupan Sansei)
▶ Age: Late 20s
▶ Height: 5'10'' (179 cm)
▶ Hair: black, in that renown widow's peak
▶ Star sign: Gemini ????
▶ Residence: ????? lol
▶ Birthdate: lmao 1969 baby
▶ Weight: 138 lbs
▶ Eyes: Gray
▶ Occupation: Thief, tinker, tailor soldier

▷ First Impressions
▶ VISUAL: Though a man who sheds skins as easily as silk, the Lupin we see most often is this; tall and lanky, with a noticeable widow's peak and awash in a green (or cerulean blue) suit jacket. He definitely has the outfit tailored by his own hand, the ones he can trust the most. His belt might not look like anything special but that's also tinkered with and specialized. Beneath the outfits he's got various scars from heists gone wrong or all too right, ones that have been sewed up and chargrilled by his own hand or his partners'. Because of his lanky build and how often he slips into another's guise, his shoulders hunch a lot and he goes for a casual demeanor.
▶ AURAL: Lupin's voice is low and smooth, a smooth baritone. Namely, when he's flirting. But when he's excited and highly amused, his giggles will be on the higher-pitched side. He is voiced by Kanichi Kurita.
▶ OLFACTORY: Whatever expensive cologne he's into recently, elastic and the leather of his gun holster. Cigarettes (gitanes) and just a hint of home cooking when he's got the time or the mind for it.
▶ DEMEANOUR: At first sight, and sound, Lupin's a slick customer; all wolfish grins and sticky fingers. This Lupin is more likely to be found observing quietly when he isn't putting the moves on someone. Confidence? He oozes it from his very breath. He'll both make you feel relaxed with his own languid demeanor, and also set you on edge with the glint in his eyes, the secret Knowing.

▶ belt: a cheap college students' play-lab for stupid experiments, lock picking tools, grappling wire
▶ watch: more grappling equipment, radio, GPS

▷ Extra

&He's ambidextrous
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More goof? Less pussy chasing? Spin me some advice and I'll take it into consideration and do my best!

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IC Permissions

Physical affection @ If you're a cute girl, have at it. Especially if you're a cute girl. Cute girls please please yes. If you're a dude-- expect a raised eyebrow and delicately stepping out of your space.

Physical violence @ This can be anywhere in the ballpark from a return sense of violence or some bitching.

Relationships @ If it happens, it happens. Gotta come naturally, though he's going to flirt if you've got a cute girl in your roster.

Psychic shit @ No jedi mind tricks please, he takes security very seriously, seeing as he's a thief and all.

Magical transformation @ Run it by me first, lets see how miserable we can make him.

Offensive subjects and/or triggers @ None whatsoever.

Your Opt Out: Since Lupin's a thief for a living, here is where you can say NO I'm NOT interested in my character getting their items of questionable value stolen!! Otherwise, lets plan it out.

OOC Permissions

Backtagging @ Yes into infinity and beyond probably to the point of 'shut up already, Lupin'.

Threadhopping @ Sure! As long as it isn't 1000 million at once

4th Walling @ To an extent: Just don't spoil the mechanics of some of his capers. He might not be a magician but even he doesn't like some of the tricks foiled.


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