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IC Permissions

Physical affection @ If you're a cute girl, have at it. Especially if you're a cute girl. Cute girls please please yes. If you're a dude-- expect a raised eyebrow and delicately stepping out of your space.

Physical violence @ This can be anywhere in the ballpark from a return sense of violence or some bitching.

Relationships @ If it happens, it happens. Gotta come naturally, though he's going to flirt if you've got a cute girl in your roster.

Psychic shit @ No jedi mind tricks please, he takes security very seriously, seeing as he's a thief and all.

Magical transformation @ Run it by me first, lets see how miserable we can make him.

Offensive subjects and/or triggers @ None whatsoever.

Your Opt Out: Since Lupin's a thief for a living, here is where you can say NO I'm NOT interested in my character getting their items of questionable value stolen!! Otherwise, lets plan it out.

OOC Permissions

Backtagging @ Yes into infinity and beyond probably to the point of 'shut up already, Lupin'.

Threadhopping @ Sure! As long as it isn't 1000 million at once

4th Walling @ To an extent: Just don't spoil the mechanics of some of his capers. He might not be a magician but even he doesn't like some of the tricks foiled.


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